Thank You, President Trump!

Thank You, President Trump!


I worry about my retired elderly parents having nothing to do.  It is not good for their mental health to be home, bored and void of intellectual stimulation. Even when they agree on a movie, now that winter is at our doorstep, neither wants to venture outside. Broadway?  My folks have seen Hadestown and To Kill A Mockingbird (and hopefully Betrayal before it closes). Married for 59 years and retired for over 10, they have exhausted all topics of conversation. 


The question — what are you going to do today — makes me anxious as I fear the answer is nothing.  I am out of suggestions.

But, now, thanks to you President Trump, my worries are gone!  So appreciate you and your cronies openly creating a national security threat with a trail of texts, phone calls, and evidence that urged an impeachment inquiry.  I haven’t seen my parents this happy and engaged in years. Oh, and I would be remiss not to give honorable mention to Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff for green lighting these proceedings.  

My folks tell me they pop out of bed to prepare for their day of impeachment inquiry watching.  They are talking to one another, evaluating testimony, using their brains — and I may have even heard them laughing.  They plan their day and meal selection around the inquiry. What’s the appropriate food pairing with Lt Col Vindman’s testimony? Borscht, great choice, dad. Ambassador Sondland’s day of coming clean?  Omelets.

No one was happier than me when Ambassador William Taylor testified that you know, I may have forgotten to tell you that there was another phone call, on an unsecured cell phone (priceless!) that my colleague David Holmes heard — he would be happy to talk to you.  Do you want his email address? I knew what that meant. Another witness, possibly five hours. That’s a full day!

Sometimes, when I call to check in, mom and dad actually say “we have to go, the impeachment is back on.”

As a member of the sandwich generation, I also care for my thirteen-year old son and husband. We bond when we watch television shows together, but we often struggle to find a show we all can enjoy (we just binged Stranger Things and Lucifer).  Challenge, no more! — we tape the inquiry for family viewing.  My husband and I got our teenager to watch as we told him, take notes, this will be a topic for your college thesis either at SUNY Binghamton, or the New York campus of the University of Russia — depending on how these hearings go.

And, I am not worried about Thanksgiving conversation with family Trump supporters. The hearings provide fodder that Trump supporters and Democrats can discuss amicably.  How will this play out in the theater? While I hope George Clooney produces the movie, my brother-in-law feels Clint Eastwood is the right person for the job. Our disagreement does not result in a family feud.  We will still remain in each other’s contact list.  

So, President Trump keep intimidating witnesses via tweets! Democrats vote for impeachment, this needs to get to a televised Senate trial. The New York winter forecast is cold and snowy, these proceedings have to last until March.   


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